Protected species surveys and

Ecological management

 Ecological Consultant, Leominster, Herefordshire newts, bats, birds, dormice, otters, badgers, crayfish, habitats and more.

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2 Rivers Ecology

Ecology surveys and reports for all requirements

based in Leominster Herefordshire

A Herefordshire Ecological Consultancy Service

Providing habitat, flora and fauna surveys for all planning requirements.

Licensed surveys can be conducted for protected species such as  bats, great crested newts, barn owls, dormice and white-clawed crayfish as well as birds,  

reptiles, badgers, otters, water voles and much more.

We can advise on all of your ecological requirements including

Hedgerow Regulations Assessments, native planting schemes and habitat management advice.

Experienced, Qualified and Licensed

20 years of experience in surveying, reporting and advising on ecological issues for domestic, agricultural and major developments including housing, infrastructure and mineral extraction.

A full, Chartered member of the Royal Society of Biology

Preliminary Ecological Appraisals (PEA)

Phase 2 Surveys

Mitigation, Restoration Design and Management Plans

2 Rivers Ecology

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